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Music CD, Newly Revised Fictions, and a Photograph Collection

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Thoughts Between Lines

Thoughts about the arts, creative process, aesthetics, science, spirit, holism, animism, shamans, tricksters, irony, paradox, the Duende, consciousness, metaphor, chaos, order, the coming apocalypse (or not), the end of nature, entangled and momentary beings, reality and unreality — and how it might all fit together.

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Night on Music Mountain By Eric Lewis -   To explain our Music Mountain experience, would require many thousands of pages or one good haiku. Words can never adequately describe the atmosphere. The Manhattan String Quartet, of which I was a member, had been summering on Music Mountain in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut for several years. We look back on those four summers in wonderment—walks in the woods with friends locked in deadly serious discussions revolving around the ‘music of the spheres’; uproarious laughter when a new skit was produced by the students; and the endless rehearsals which make for continuous music of inspiration to complement the […]

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Looking Between Lines…

Would you recognize the image above as the folds of a curtain? It’s a hidden reality disclosed in the BLBA photography book, Curtains, Windows on the Unreality We Live In by John Briggs

Between other lines: a quick sample audio from the songs and dances composer musicologist Stephen Dydo collected in the villages of Ladakh, India.

Consider the infinitely nuanced spaces between the notes of a Bach fugue. Here’s  track 1 of Eric Lewis’ live concert performance with the Manhattan String Quartet and the New York Woodwind Quintet of J.S. Bach’s The Art of the Fugue, which BLBA will release shortly. The performance probes that infinity.