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Thoughts Between Lines

Thoughts about the arts, creative process, aesthetics, science, spirit, holism, animism, shamans, tricksters, irony, paradox, the Duende, consciousness, metaphor, chaos, order, the coming apocalypse (or not), the end of nature, entangled and momentary beings, reality and unreality — and how it might all fit together.

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Artists Helping Our Species Survive -   As a small boy born at the beginning of the Nuclear Age in 1946, I felt the anxiety of a possible nuclear catastrophe as a daily trauma. It forced my family to psychologically retreat to a metaphorical “cave.” Our 1910 Marmion Avenue apartment in the Bronx was protected by “walls of sound” brought to […]

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The bomb was set to explode 1,900 feet above the ground for maximum destructive effect. A searing white fireball, hotter than the surface of the sun, sent its radiant heat out in all directions at twice the speed of sound. People within a one mile radius of the center were instantly carbonized; those further away suffered terrible burns. The heat of the explosion literally melted the skin of all who weren’t sheltered from the rays and most people were left naked, their clothing ripped away by the shock-wave.  Some lived.

Consider the infinitely nuanced spaces between the notes of a Bach fugue. Here’s  track 1 of Eric Lewis’ live concert performance with the Manhattan String Quartet and the New York Woodwind Quintet of J.S. Bach’s The Art of the Fugue, which BLBA will release shortly. The performance probes that infinity.