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Unrealist FictionsTrickster Tales

In the literary and metaphysical tradition of Kafka, Borges, Marquez and Yourgrou, this collection of thirty-one unrealist quick fictions and longer stories blends elements of fable, parable, essay, realism, surrealism, magic realism, sci-fi fantasy and supernatural horror.


N E W Photography Book    Curtains

Curtains is a quick, dizzying photographic journey into the hidden realities lurking in the folds of puddled curtains that the photographer, John Briggs, found in windows of a central London office building. The photographer puts the curtain folds though simple transformations that result in strange creatures and eerie landscapes.


Science & PhilosophySeven Life Lessons of Chaos

At one time or another we’ve all felt our lives were out of control and heading toward chaos. For us, science has striking news. Our lives are already in chaos—and not just occasionally but all of the time. What’s more, the new science suggests, an individual and collective understanding of chaos may dramatically change our lives.


Creative GeniusFire in the Crucible

In this mind-expanding investigation of creativity, Professor Briggs  reveals that there is no special trait  of genius. Geniuses are not  necessarily smarter or more talented than other people.



Creativity & SpiritCreativity & Compassion

In the West creativity has long been a vital concept, with largely positive overtones. At the same time, the concept engenders considerable popular ambivalence and confusion.


Poetry CollectionElegy

“In Elegy, Raphaela Willington is death’s anthropologist. More than poems, these are excavations, prayers, obituaries, whispers and magic incantations from that place we dare not look. Raphaela looks for us and finds the beauty in decay, the ‘pungent, white’ gorgeous stories, its truths.”