John Z. Amoroso



Artist’s Project

My many years of experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist and educator have inevitably influenced my focus as a painter, multimedia artist and musician. Consequently, at this stage in my development as an artist and human being, the themes of my paintings tend to circulate around the psychological and psycho-spiritual issues that we all face. These are the transpersonal themes and topics that inspire me as an artist and those that I hope to inspire in those that observe my work.

Although many themes in my paintings and multi-media art may seem to carry a dark message, my intention in general is to open the observer to the dark side as a path to consciousness, hope and evolution.

As a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for many years, I was trained and inclined to focus on a representational technique. In recent years however, as a result of my focus on the transpersonal dimensions, I have started to consistently incorporate abstract and impressionistic techniques with representational images in order to convey my intended message.

Overall, my intention is to stimulate insight, an evolution of consciousness and a psycho-spiritual process for the observer as I have in my years as a psychotherapist and educator –to enable the observer to look Between Lines.